Well if you are a csgo pro player and you don’t have a perfect csgo music kits, then you are not pro enough to rekt your enemy. So we have some collection of best csgo music kits for players which are chosen by pro players.

CSGO Music Kits
CSGO Music Kits

Music kit was introduced in csgo on October 10, 2014, to use music kits as an MVP ingame. When you buy or use music kit ingame, it uses as an MVP anthem.

This music kit also shared with enemy players and players playing with you with the MVP anthem you selected.

CSGO Music kits are available in the steam market where you can buy stat track version or the normal one. Stattrack music kits are used to count the numbers of MVP taken by a player in matchmaking.

The kit includes replacements for:

  • Main menu
  • Round start
  • Round end
  • Bomb planted / Hostage Taken
  • Bomb warning
  • Won round
  • Lost round
  • End warning
  • Death camera
  • MVP



1) Neck Deep, Life,s Not Out To Get You

This music kit is from a song name “Gold Steps” which is Directed by Kyle Thrash. The Artist of this song is neck deep. This csgo music kits is one of the famous kits in csgo. it costs around 16$ for StatTrak.

2) Sean Murray

You will mostly see that many players in csgo mm use sean, Murray. The anthem is little war type which costs you around 13$ for StatTrak.

3)The Verkkars, EZ4ENCE

This music kit is from a clan name ence . Ez4ence is right now one of the most famous csgo kit in csgo game. Santeri Rosenvall directs Ez4ence. it will cost you around 10$ StartTrack.

4)Dren,Death’s Head Demolition

This Stattark anthem in csgo is for only 9$, which is the right amount for good music.

5)Midnight Riders, All I Want For Christmas

This music is in the rock category, which costs around 9$.

6)Michael Bross, Invasion

Exciting Music In 8$ StatTrack .

7)Sasha, LNOE

For 8$ this music kit is very reasonable with stattrack.

8) Daniel Sadowski, Crimson Assault

Costs Around 7$ Stattrack.

9)Biltz Kids, The Good Youth

This anthem is from song On My Own. artist Blitz Kids of the album The Good Youth .it costs around 7$ Stattrack.

10)Noisia, Sharpened

This anthem is from Noisia which costs you around 7$.

You Can Check Out All The Stam kits On Steam Market.